Showering Daily? ….Ummmm, yeah, sure.

I’ve heard all the idioms associated with how you should exercise and eat well daily. It should be like a habit…brushing your teeth, brushing your hair, taking a shower.  In my case, putting on make-up and doing my hair for work. This made me think.

Have you ever been in a funk where you didn’t brush your teeth or take a shower until your family is complaining about the stink?

When I first broke my foot back in May I was a complete and total hot mess. Showers were not on the list of priorities…they were actually quite exhausting and at times painful. My thought was that I was sitting on my duff with my foot elevated… I’m not exactly working up a sweat so I could wait a few days to take a shower. Unfortunately, I was also heavily drugged at first (did I mention the had to re-break my foot TWICE in a week!) so days melted together, come to think of it, weeks did too. A shower was not on my radar…until my husband would get a change of clothes, set up the bathroom to be crutch friendly and very gently explain that it was time.

stupid foot

What’s my point? Well, I’m getting back in the swing of things and the more I feel a little bit like myself, the more I realize I am falling into old habits of pre-“Reinventing Danni”. I THINK about exercising but I don’t actually do it (except when I post it on Facebook…it’s not real unless you post it on FB) Hell, I’m barely interested in taking a shower much less look nice. So where does this leave me? Exercise should be like taking a shower or brushing your teeth….you do it daily.

I’M NOT EVEN SHOWERING DAILY! <snort> Does this make me a lost cause? Am I destined to be like the girl on the left of the picture below? Danielle…just coasting through life, uninterested in myself….

Or am I Danni, the girl on the right? Ready to take on the world! Push herself to new heights! BE THE BEST SHE CAN BE!


This is a VERY slippery slope people!!

I can’t continue to cling on to the excuse that I am a hot mess from my injury….

I’m going back to work in a couple of weeks and I was thinking I need to start making the habit (and effort!) of wearing make up again. Do my hair. Dress nicely. Do some modified exercises.

…and, yes, taking a shower daily.

No one is a lost cause. Sometimes your “marathon” training  is just to get up. Take an action. Be interested.

I know I’m not the only one that’s gone through this…it’s why I’m sharing.

Because YOU are not alone either.

❤ Danni


One thought on “Showering Daily? ….Ummmm, yeah, sure.

  1. Omg, this is me right now… I had surgery in May for a disc replacement in my neck and I just can’t get back into the whole exercising daily/showering (lol) routine… I also moved houses and I’m away from all my friends, etc… I’m in a serious funk right now. I can totally relate. I’m hoping to get back in the swing of things once the kids are back in school… I can hope, can’t I??? lol

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