A Glimpse Into My Thought Process….Don’t Be Scared.

make it happen

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my goals. I remember writing them down (I don’t remember where) plotting a course, and giving a timeline.  Of course, as the days and weeks go by and unexpected events happen (i.e. my broken foot), the specifics of what I’m doing starts to blur. I’m still vaguely working towards it for a long while, then I get lost. My daily routine to improve upon myself becomes a “when I remember” thing. Suddenly, I’m asking the old questions. Why can’t I get fit? Why am I not progressing in my hair cutting skills? Why can’t I catch up on my bills?….

Okay…am I making a big assumption here or is this common?

Now just for full disclosure…this pattern is a vast improvement over my “don’t make any goals because I’ll only disappoint myself” pattern. However, the new Danni, who is habitually reinventing herself, feels a need to improve on this. I actually had a sleepless night, tossing and turning as I tried to refocus what it is I REALLY wanted. I think I was trying to crystallize how much I WANT my goals in my head because if there isn’t a healthy desire for it, it ain’t happening! Not being at work, not being able to whip out an intense workout, being stuck in a chair doing a lot of nothing, these things have dulled the shine of my dreams. I’ve become complacent. Yuck.

I figured I’d share a little on how I get my mojo back and how my meandering thought process gets me there.

I start by really looking at the TOTAL PACKAGE of who I envision I want to be. I know I want to be fit and strong  (I won’t lie, mostly because I want to wear gorgeous clothing. LOL), incredibly skilled at my trade, be a trend-setter in my industry and make a lot of money doing it. I’m in an image driven industry but I do not feel compelled to be like everybody else. I want everybody else to look at what I do and want to follow me (oh my God, did I just say that out loud?! <snort>)

What KIND OF PERSON does that? Certainly, not the apathetic, lethargic person I’ve become these past 2 to 3 months. No, this person would be driven, passionate about what she wants, curious, determined, confident, unstoppable and…BANKABLE. These are all things that were NOT me. Mind you, there are few attributes that I DO have that I want to incorporate into this picture such as motivating, positive, up-lifting, fun and caring. These attributes are important. They are who I am and I can never change so I have to make them work into this picture of who I want to be (who I really am).

Okay, so I’ve identified where I’m at, what I want, what kind of person I’d have to be to get it…now what? I think I’d have to figure out  and, perhaps, visualize how that “go-to” person would approach her day to day. What are her daily practices? What kind of daily mini goals, short term and long term goals would she go for? How would she handle a day that was less than successful?  How does she view challenges? How does she present herself? What is going to inspire this person? There are many successful people to draw inspiration from if you are not sure. This is where writing is important. You sometimes have to lay it all out to get an idea of what this journey is going to look like. The more ideas and detail the better. Oh, and I don’t write what I’M willing to do. I write what this fabulous goal-orientated person would be willing to do. You see, I’m not that girl yet so I may censor myself.

Once I have everything written out, I evaluate it and make a map. You can’t get to a destination that you’ve never been to without a map! (or atleast a set of directions) Then I’m on my way!

Right now I’m about to enter the writing stage. I’ll let you know how it goes…should be rather extensive.

Here’s what I want to leave with you.

1) Just because you’ve never done something before, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. You are very possible.

2) A good plan will get you far. You may need to adjust and re-evaluate as time goes on but try not to “dumb down” your dreams. Regret is an awful thing and it is rare to hear someone regretted making their life more fulfilled.

3) I will always be cheering you on. I am always thrilled when someone steps out of their comfort level and have their eyes opened to their untapped potential!

You’ve got this….and so do I. 🙂

❤ Danni